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About Us


Mission Statement:
To seek the most probable value of real estate while continually seeking for ways to improve upon our own processes.
ValueQuest™ Appraisal:
Since founded in 1998, ValueQuest Appraisal has quickly become one of the fastest growing, widely recognized and well respected real estate appraisal companies in Connecticut.  We attribute our success in part to our high standards of real estate valuation as well as the value we place upon each client and affiliate appraiser relationship.  
Our Technology:
Our appraisers employ the latest technology in preparing your appraisal reports.  Whether they are using their pocket PC's in the field to prepare your appraisal reports in real time or utilizing the global positioning satellite system, (GPS) in their automobiles to aid them in navigating the Connecticut streets, you can be assured that you are working with a leader and pioneer in the appraisal industry.     
About our Staff:
Our appraisers are among the most professional in the industry.  In most instances their knowledge of appraising, expertise of their respective market segments, level of education, verbal skills, written skills and appearance out weighs that of our competitors.  All of our appraisers are either state certified or provisionally licensed and working diligently towards their certification. 

Our Clients:
Many of our clients are among the most recognizable and respected lenders, insurance companies and attorneys in the industry.  We appreciate their confidence in our ability and look forward to our continued relationships. 
Our Customers:
We realize that many of our clients are located out of state and may never have the opportunity to meet their borrowers/customers in person.  In many instances the only impression the borrower is able to form of the lender is the limited phone contact they may have with their loan originator and the processor who coordinates their loan.  At ValueQuest Appraisal we adhere to the philosophy that your customer is our customer, each time we interact with a borrower were not only representing our company but your company as well.   




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