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$75.00 per property


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is a Desktop Appraisal an actual appraisal?
A: Yes, According to USPAP which is the acronym for the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, a Desktop Appraisal does meet the definition of an appraisal. 
Q: Will an appraiser need to come out to see my property?
A: The Desktop Appraisal is prepared from our office without the need for an on-site property inspection.  The physical characteristics of the property are usually obtained from the homeowner and/or the buyer then verified against the public records by the appraiser.   
Q: How long does it take to receive the completed Desktop Appraisal once it is ordered?
A: Under normal circumstances the Desktop Appraisal will be completed and returned to you within 24-48 hours after it is ordered.
Q: Can I upgrade the Desktop Appraisal to a full appraisal, and if so what happens to the fee that I paid for the Desktop Appraisal?
A: Yes, you can upgrade the Desktop Appraisal to a full appraisal at any time. If the request is made within 14 days from the date in which the Desktop Appraisal was ordered, we will apply the $75.00 Desktop Appraisal fee towards the cost of the full appraisal. 
Q: Do you offer the Desktop Appraisal everywhere in Connecticut. 
A: The Desktop Appraisal offered only in certain towns/cities throughout Connecticut.  To see if the desktop appraisal is offered in your town/city, please call us at 203-675-6902.   


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Terms/Conditions: The requestor understands that a Desktop Appraisal is a very limited appraisal in the sense that appraiser has not personally inspected the interior or exterior of the subject property or any of the comparable properties used in the Desktop Appraisal.  Further, the requestor understands that the appraised value reported  in the Desktop Appraisal may vary from the appraised value reported in a full appraisal.  

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